Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekends over

Man, these weekends just fly by don't they? Thursday started off with a rough morning. Slept through my alarm for PT, and straight until 9:17. My chemistry lab starts at 9:30. It jumped outta bed, threw on a shirt, and booked it to class. Hell yes I made it, but I had no idea what we were doing that day because I didnt get any time to read the lab manual beforehand. Oh well. After that was over like 3 hours later, I had ROTC Lab, which consisted of a uniform and gear inspection. Luckily for me I had premeasured all my tabs and gotten out my gear the previous night so I wasnt rushed. I finished that up being the only cadet 100% prepared.
Friday I worked for about 8 hours. Lame. Then I proceeded to do a 1000 piece puzzle because no one wanted to go out. Oh well.. Saturday was a big day, after waking up sometime in the afternoon, I got dressed and ready for my battalions Dining Out ceremony to honor the graduating seniors. We got to wear our Class A Uniforms and look sexy as hell. Yeah. I looked good.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A day ahead

About to head to my physics lab. Will update this when I get back from it. Just wanted to hold the spot for now.

Physics lab lasts way too long. Today's lab was on magnets, [fucking magnets, how do they work?] and it was surprisingly one of our easier labs. We used a magnetic field sensor to study the magnetic fields produced by permanent cylindrical [spell check? I hate grammar] and then solenoid magnets. Sounds like fun right? I was practically falling asleep. One of my lab group members is a know-it-all type of guy, and gets annoying quickly, so I like correct him every chance I get. Unfortunately, today I was trying to explain to him why a magnetic field we created went in the direction it was going, and he disagreed. So we set up the sensor, and of course I was right, and in his stupid nerd rage, and with one solid swipe, he knocked the magnet off the table, the sensor out of the computer, and somehow managed to crash the computer all while yelling "BALAAAAHHHHHHHHHLHFG" You'd think the instructor would do something about this. Nope. It's just some grad student who is like 23 years old and doesnt give a fuck. Woo. So in the end I just got to laugh at him, but had to restart the lab pretty much. Worth it? You decide. haha.

Before physics lab, I had my ROTC class. Today we focused on leadership roles, and what we would do in certain situations. I made a fool of myself because I was one of the only cadet to correctly assess a situation. Because I was so awesome, the instructor made me go up to the board and and write out all the reasons I am awesome, which I will list here.
1. I piss excellence.
2. I love America.
3. I eat terrorists for breakfasts.
After about 80 push ups of getting smoked.. I got to go back to my seat. Oops. Oh well. I'm awesome.

And here's another comic.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I. Hate. Chemistry~

!!!! I hate chemistry so much. Goodness. My professor.. here we go. She is around 60 years old. This is her first year teaching this course. She can't do mental math for shit! Every simple equation we plug in, she must use her damn calculator. I mean, I know I'm a physics major so I'm naturally gifted with mathematics, but when it's simple things such as 14 x 3. Come. ON. Uneventful day to be honest. PT at 0600 as always, then chem at 0900, physics at 1000, tutor session at 1100, lunch at 1200, nap between 1230 and 1330. Economics at 1400. Gym at 1530. Dinner at 1800. Homework til now. Boring as fuck day. Hopefully tomorrow something eventful will happen. Until next time..  OH and the picture. ^ awesome right? :D Hooah!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Yes, it is the weekend, and what a weekend it was. It started out early friday morning with a little swim PT over at our gym. Fun. Not. It was a little chilly outside, around 32F to be exact. A nice walk back to my dorm. Of course I forgot my key to get into the building, so there I am, standing wet and freezing my ass off outside in the cold. I must have stood there for half an hour before someone showed up and let me in. Next up, Chemistry test at 0900. Fuck chemistry. Fuck it. Whatever, it didn't go too bad. Then physics at 1000. And then I was done with classes for the day. But my day was far from over... More to come soon.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Post

Hey everyone, I made this blog to share with you my adventures of college while I study physics, and how I manage my time between social life, physics, and ROTC. Let's face it, it's not easy. Also I may post a few video's I come across on youtube that I think you all may enjoy from time to time.