Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekends over

Man, these weekends just fly by don't they? Thursday started off with a rough morning. Slept through my alarm for PT, and straight until 9:17. My chemistry lab starts at 9:30. It jumped outta bed, threw on a shirt, and booked it to class. Hell yes I made it, but I had no idea what we were doing that day because I didnt get any time to read the lab manual beforehand. Oh well. After that was over like 3 hours later, I had ROTC Lab, which consisted of a uniform and gear inspection. Luckily for me I had premeasured all my tabs and gotten out my gear the previous night so I wasnt rushed. I finished that up being the only cadet 100% prepared.
Friday I worked for about 8 hours. Lame. Then I proceeded to do a 1000 piece puzzle because no one wanted to go out. Oh well.. Saturday was a big day, after waking up sometime in the afternoon, I got dressed and ready for my battalions Dining Out ceremony to honor the graduating seniors. We got to wear our Class A Uniforms and look sexy as hell. Yeah. I looked good.